Address / phone Nevsky 54
Work hours 24/7
Our kitchen Italian, Caucasion, Russian, Uzbek, Japanese
Average bill 800 rubles
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The new project “PHILADELPHIA» from “Del Mar group».
Филадельфия на Московском Филадельфия на Московском
Третье заведение сети "Филадельфия" открыло свои двери на Московском проспекте, чтобы радовать гостей Невского района приятными ценами и лучшими акциями.
Del Mar Nevsky Del Mar Nevsky
Multilevel DEL MAR restaurant on Nevsky, 52 (tel: 903-77-01) will win you weave and drive comfort, atmosphere of unity of East and West.
Del Mar Slava prospect Del Mar Slava prospect
DEL MAR at Moskovskiy prospect is ecxelent mixed high-tech, modern and European classic style.
Del Mar Moskovskiy Del Mar Moskovskiy
The cozy two-level restaurant with a variety of eclectic pieces from around the world to Moscow, 159 (phone 388-06-84).
#Coffу shop №1 #Coffу shop №1
Restaurant of Russian, Japanese, Caucasian, Uzbek, Italian cuisine at the Moscovskiy pr.167, phone: 947-12-47
Kofeinia1 Kofeinia1
Restaurant of Russian, Japanese, Caucasian, Uzbek, Italian cuisine
Pobeda Bar Pobeda Bar
Soviet Pub "Pobeda" is glad to take you to the era of the Soviet Union, with its unique and loved dishes since our childhood.Moskovsky pr.159,phone:951-34-90.

# КОФЕЙНЯ №1 на Невском

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Бургеры и сендвичи #Кофейни№1
Узбекская кухня ресторана #Кофейня№1
Delivery # КОФЕЙНЯ №1 на Невском

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Address St. Petersburg,
Nevsky 54
Phone 929-94-54
Work hours 24/7
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