Address / phone Moskovskiy prospect 159
Доставка: 777-34-35
Work hours 24 hours/7
Our kitchen Italian, Caucasion, Russian, Uzbek, Japanese
Average bill 1 000 rubles
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The new project “PHILADELPHIA» from “Del Mar group».
Филадельфия на Московском Филадельфия на Московском
Третье заведение сети "Филадельфия" открыло свои двери на Московском проспекте, чтобы радовать гостей Невского района приятными ценами и лучшими акциями.
Del Mar Nevsky Del Mar Nevsky
Multilevel DEL MAR restaurant on Nevsky, 52 (tel: 903-77-01) will win you weave and drive comfort, atmosphere of unity of East and West.
Del Mar Slava prospect Del Mar Slava prospect
DEL MAR at Moskovskiy prospect is ecxelent mixed high-tech, modern and European classic style.
#Coffу shop №1 #Coffу shop №1
Restaurant of Russian, Japanese, Caucasian, Uzbek, Italian cuisine at the Moscovskiy pr.167, phone: 947-12-47
Kofeinia1 Kofeinia1
Restaurant of Russian, Japanese, Caucasian, Uzbek, Italian cuisine
Pobeda Bar Pobeda Bar
Soviet Pub "Pobeda" is glad to take you to the era of the Soviet Union, with its unique and loved dishes since our childhood.Moskovsky pr.159,phone:951-34-90.

Del Mar Moskovskiy

<p>&lt;p&gt;Guests of DEL MAR on Moskovsky Prospect from the monumental architecture of the era and rigorous areas get on an island of tranquility and a two-storey interior of relax. Hhigh-tech, modern and classic European interier is mixed here. Marine decoration on the walls, iridescent neon lights in glass tabletops, comfortable Victorian chairs, live sharks in the panoramic aquariums. The atmosphere takes you to the beach with a light caressing sea breeze. In the second room - there is a lounge bar and hookah with low sofas - an ideal place for a relaxing holiday.&lt;/p&gt;</p>

The lounge area of Del Mar

Pleasant area to try our specialties of smoke hookahs.

The main hall of the Moscow Del Mar
Del Mar Moskovskiy prospect
Del Mar
Del Mar at Moskovsky prospect.
Restaurant menu

Balance menu and democratic average bill - this is exactly what each restaurant gives to you. You will also be pleasantly surprised by our: Cocktail menu, Tea list, Hookah card. Our guests become happy!

WOK panAsia
Dishes on the grill Del Mar

The fragrant kebabs, juicy steaks, spicy kebab, ribs, cooked on an open fire in the traditional Eastern recipes.

Eastern khachapuri and pasties.

Juicy fragrant piping hot snacks Hot Oriental traditional recipes from homemade dough.

Fusion cuisine Del Mar

Best gastronomic hits of all countries and peoples - Russian and European cuisine is intertwined with the Eastern and Asian.

Uzbeck Del Mar
Georgian and Ossetian snacks

You will become a fan of our best recipes for appetizers Georgia and Ossetia

Italian and French starters

Caprese, carpaccio, olives, fish, meat, vegetables, meats and more.


Baklava soaked with honey. Classic Napoleon, chocolate eclairs with custard, cheesecake and many other desserts.

Delivery Del Mar Moskovskiy

All dishes from our extensive menu, you can order 24 hours 7 days a week. Treat yourself to Italian, Japanese, Russian and Georgian cuisine! We use only quality ingredients, so your order is always fresh and delicious! This does not affect the time - the courier bring order precisely at the appointed hour.

Promotions and offers

We are always glad to offer you nice discounts and promotions.

Breakfast Del Mar

Breakfast is from 06:00 to 12:00 at special prices from 110r.


Complete meals from 12:00 to 16:00 on weekdays from 190r.


1 + 1 = 1 on the Japanese cuisine (sushi rolls) from 6 to 18:00, except for sets.


When you order a cocktail - the second as a gift!

The third glass of beer for free

When ordering 2 glasses of beer brand Del Mar - the third for free!

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Address St. Petersburg,
Moskovskiy prospect 159
Phone резерв:388-06-84
Доставка: 777-34-35
Work hours 24 hours/7
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