Address / phone Moskovskiy prospect 167
Резерв: 947-12-74
Work hours 24 hours/7
Our kitchen Italian, Caucasion, Russian, Uzbek, Japanese
Average bill 1 000 rubles
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Сервис доставки еды DELMARIO Сервис доставки еды DELMARIO
Быстрая доставка вкусных блюд из ресторана Del Mar. Всегда вкусные блюда из свежих ингредиентов, широкий ассортимент блюд для самых изысканных гурманов. Выгодные акции и подарки
Del Mar Nevsky Del Mar Nevsky
Multilevel DEL MAR restaurant on Nevsky, 52 (tel: 903-77-01) will win you weave and drive comfort, atmosphere of unity of East and West.
Del Mar Slava prospect Del Mar Slava prospect
DEL MAR at Moskovskiy prospect is ecxelent mixed high-tech, modern and European classic style.
Pobeda Bar Pobeda Bar
Soviet Pub "Pobeda" is glad to take you to the era of the Soviet Union, with its unique and loved dishes since our childhood.Moskovsky pr.159,phone:951-34-90.
Филадельфия на Московском Филадельфия на Московском
Третье заведение сети "Филадельфия" открыло свои двери на Московском проспекте, чтобы радовать гостей Невского района приятными ценами и лучшими акциями.
The new project “PHILADELPHIA» from “Del Mar group».
Kofeinia1 Kofeinia1
Restaurant of Russian, Japanese, Caucasian, Uzbek, Italian cuisine

#Coffу shop №1

Restaurant "COFFEE SHOP №1» was opened in 2015 in the south of St. Petersburg on Moskovsky Prospekt. For our guests, drinking a cup of invigorating coffee from 100% Arabica in the morning, afternoon and even evening - an integral part of the lifestyle. Perfectly warm cozy atmosphere for breakfast, a convenient place for business meetings and business lunches, as well as a place to meet with friends and family after a day's work. Amazing atmosphere of the restaurant - a soft light, thoughtful and concise interior, friendly service. This Italian pasta and pizzas, juicy grilled meats, steaks perfect, Lagman, shurpa, rice, dumplings, dolma and more.

Coffeinia restaurant

The most aromatic coffee from 100% Arabica beans, incredible desserts own confectionery, enticing promotions every captures per day for those who appreciate quality food and drinks, friendly service and cozy atmosphere.


Our staff - is a team of young, energetic people, for which the guests - they are friends. For each visitor, we strive to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. We are always open to your ideas and suggestions.

Restaurant menu

Our menu is a collection of the best culinary traditions - Russian, Uzbek, Italian, Asian, Caucasian. Try our brand pasta, pizza, burgers, meat and fish dishes, steaks on the grill. Every gourmet will find favourite dish. • Our breakfast is from 07:00 to 13:00 - this is useful and tasty start to the day. You can choose one and three ready-made options, and make your own breakfast, including favorite foods (yogurt, cereal, scrambled eggs or omelets, croissants, cheese cakes, sandwiches, toast • 4 business dinners will surprise you with a variety of dishes and affordable prices -. From 190r . your choice: dinner at the top of Caucasian traditions with nourishing soup Mashkurda, fragrant kebab lunch "Russian" Olivier, soup, chicken cutlets with mashed potatoes, dinner "American" salad coleslaw and burgers, "Italian" dinner "salad with penne, cream of mushroom soup and pizza margraritoy. The quality of our meals watching not only the restaurant staff, but also invited experts. conducted multiple tasting products and routinely monitored suppliers.


Juicy kebabs, grilled steaks, kebab, ribs over an open fire at affordable prices!

Sushi and rolls

We make desserts, putting our souls in every stage of the preparation. Try our specialties eclairs, profiteroles, yogurt, carrot cake, Napoleon, cheesecake, strudel, classic pasta, biscuits, homemade jam in the range, Smetannikov and many other cakes and pastries for every taste.

Pizza menu Coffee1

The real Italian pizza restaurant - any 2 pizza for 550r. With the best sort of flour - fresh sauces and ingredients.

Uzbec cusine

Lagman, dolma, shurpa, pilaf and many other hits of Uzbek cuisine.

Delivery of dishes from the restaurant

Promotions and offers

1 + 1 = 1 on the Japanese cuisine around the clock • any two pizzas for the 550r. clock • Breakfast from 06:00 to 13:00 on weekdays from 170r. • Lunch from 12:00 to 15:00 on weekdays from 190r. • Action 1 + 1 = 1 hour cocktails •24h delivery.


1 + 1 = 1 to the rolls 6: 00-18: 00 at the restaurant (except for sets of sushi and rolls with the icon Super price)

Coctails action

Two cocktails for 1 the price - 24 hours in a restaurant except sangria, hot and non-alco and cocktails.


When ordering 2 glasses of house beer DEL MAR - the third for free! 24h.


Hearty breakfasts and dessert from 170r. from 6 am until dinner!

Buisness lunch

Business lunches on weekdays from 12:00 to 17:00 - choose your best dinner!

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Address St. Petersburg,
Moskovskiy prospect 167
Phone Резерв: 947-12-74
Work hours 24 hours/7
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